Asurf Oluseyi’s “3 Cold Dishes” Begins Production With Osas Ighodaro, Wale Ojo

Asurf Oluseyi’s “3 Cold Dishes” Begins Production With Osas Ighodaro, Wale Ojo

Lagos, Nigeria – Asurf Films, in partnership with Nexthought Studios, Ifind Pictures (France), Black Mic Mac (France), Martian Network (The Netherlands), and Alma Production (Cote d’Ivoire), is proud to announce the commencement of principal photography for the much-anticipated Pan-African film, “3 Cold Dishes.” The movie is supported by OIF/ACP and Red Sea Funds and is set to begin filming on April 8, 2023, in Lagos, followed by shoots in Cotonou on April 12 and Abidjan on April 25, continuing until the end of May 2023.

“3 Cold Dishes” marks the second collaboration between Asurf Oluseyi and Asurf Films Ltd., following the success of their previous film, “Hakkunde.” “3 Cold Dishes,” produced and Directed by Asurf Oluseyi, with Apolline Traore as co-director and a screenplay by Tomi Adesina, highlights the importance of Pan-African collaboration between Nollywood and the Francophone film industry.

The movie features a star-studded cast, including top Nollywood actors Osas Ighodaro, Wale Ojo, Femi Jacobs, Ruby Akubueze, Brutus Richards, and Greg Ojefua, as well as talented Ivorian actors Fat Toure and Maud Guerard and Senegalese actors Amelie Mbaye and Mentor Ba. This diverse ensemble showcases the best of African cinema, transcending language barriers and uniting creative talent from across the continent.

“3 Cold Dishes” brings to light the urgent and critical issue of human trafficking, particularly the trafficking of young girls across the Sub-Saharan region. The film delves into this harrowing topic while captivating audiences through a compelling narrative and striking visuals. This powerful cinematic experience aims to raise awareness, spark conversations, and promote change in addressing this pressing social cause.

Asurf Oluseyi, acclaimed director and visionary behind “3 Cold Dishes,” shares his excitement about the project: “I am proud to be part of a film that not only showcases the incredible talent from across Africa but also amplifies an important social issue that affects so many lives. We hope that through our storytelling, we can create a lasting impact and inspire change.”

With its unique blend of gripping storytelling, exceptional cinematography, and a strong message, “3 Cold Dishes” is poised to be an unforgettable cinematic experience that will captivate audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for updates on the film’s progress and anticipated release date. For more information and media inquiries, please contact or +234 7033330810.

About Asurf Films: Asurf Films is a leading Nigerian film production company committed to creating groundbreaking films that explore important social issues while showcasing the best of African talent. Founded by Asurf Oluseyi, the company has quickly earned a reputation for its captivating storytelling and striking visuals, garnering critical acclaim and commercial success. Asurf Films is dedicated to fostering Pan-African collaboration and pushing the boundaries of African cinema.

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