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Josh Olaoluwa Completes ‘Deep Dish Dimples’ Short Film for Film Independent Project Involve Programme in LA

In the bustling streets of Los Angeles, a unique and inspiring story is unfolding.

Josh Olaoluwa, an award-winning Nigerian producer, has just wrapped up principal photography for his short film, ‘Deep Dish Dimples.’ This milestone marks a significant achievement in his rising career and is part of his journey in the prestigious Film Independent Project Involve programme.

The Film Independent Project Involve programme is a highly competitive 10-month fellowship designed to nurture emerging talent in the film industry. The fellowship brings together five producers, five directors, five editors, five cinematographers, and five writers with various backgrounds from across the USA.

Esteemed mentors and guest speakers, including Ava DuVernay, Barry Jenkins, Christine Vachon, and Bradford Young, provide invaluable guidance to the fellows. The programme is also supported by industry giants such as Warner Bros, Panavision, the Golden Globes, Amazon MGM Studios, LAIKA, Formosa, Picture Shop, and Sony.

Olaoluwa’s selection as one of the 27 filmmakers in this fellowship is truly remarkable. As the first international creative to be accepted, his inclusion speaks volumes about his talent and determination.

With Josh Olaoluwa donning the producer hat, the creation of ‘Deep Dish Dimples’ was a collaborative effort with a stellar team: writer Nova Cypress Black, director Manuel ‘Alex’ Villareal, cinematographer Angelia Sciuli, editor Israel Vasquez, and executive producer Brandon Bui.

The team worked together seamlessly for three intense days of shooting in Los Angeles, driven by their shared passion for storytelling.

Their hard work will culminate in the short film’s premiere at the Directors Guild of America in January 2025, as part of Film Independent’s First Look Screening Programme on Sunset Boulevard. With filming complete, Olaoluwa and his team have now entered the crucial post-production phase.

This stage involves meticulous editing and refinement, with collaboration from top-tier Hollywood studios like Formosa for sound design and Picture Shop for colour grading, ensuring that ‘Deep Dish Dimples’ is polished to perfection for its big debut.

As he continues to carve out his place in the film industry, he stands as a beacon of inspiration, proving that with passion and perseverance, anything is possible.

Josh Olaoluwa’s journey in the Film Independent Project Involve programme not only highlights his extraordinary talent but also sets a powerful example for aspiring filmmakers worldwide.

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