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Sharon Rotimi Takes Us Behind The Scenes of ‘Son of the Soil’

Sharon Rotimi, a rising Nollywood star, was recently cast in ‘Son of the Soil,’ a gripping action thriller written and led by the esteemed British-Nigerian actor Raz Adoti.

‘Son of the Soil’ follows the turbulent journey of Zion Ladejo, a former Nigerian soldier seeking redemption and justice after the tragic death of his sister. Although the film was produced in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, it was shot entirely in Lagos, Nigeria.

With training from Delyork Creative Academy, Rotimi has won the hearts of many with her riveting performances in productions like ‘The Wives’ and ‘Chronicles.’ Renowned for her emotional range and compelling monologues, she is particularly celebrated for ‘All the Woman in Me,’ a five-part series that highlights her exceptional talent and versatility.

In an exclusive interview with Nollywire, Sharon Rotimi opens up about her role in Action Xtreme CEO Chee Keong Cheung’s ‘Son of the Soil,’ her experience on set, and her journey as an actress.

Nollywire: How did you get cast for Son of the Soil?

Sharon Rotimi: My management, Guguru Media, sent in my portfolio. According to the director, Chee Keong Cheung, my monologue on ‘Chronicles,’ an Africa Magic series, convinced him. Cheung mentioned that he loved the subtlety of my performance and felt that I would be suitable for the part.

What was your experience working with veteran Nigerian actors and international filmmakers?

Rotimi: It was a beautiful experience. It was great working with and interacting with Raz Adoti and Cheung, the director, as well. It was super cool

As your first action film with a foreign-led crew, what are your takeaways from how the action sequences were directed?

Rotimi: It felt like a lot of work, as it should. It’s my first action film. So, I really do not have any other experience to compare it to, but I’m glad I got to witness some of the tedious background work that goes into those shots that audiences love and enjoy.

Are there any memorable moments from working on this production? How did you feel working with the actors and crew members?

Rotimi: Every time I had to be on set, it was memorable. I especially remember joking about the different accents I was hearing on set. They were such good sports and took it in good faith, lol. And, no, I didn’t feel intimidated at any point. Admittedly, if I had done this a year ago, I would have been scared to death, but it’s the thing with growth, I guess. The crew members were thoroughly professional; credit goes to Wingonia Ikpi, the line producer and casting director. She put together a really cool team, and I am thankful I got to do this with them.

Tell us about the character you played and your process for interpreting the character.

Rotimi: I played Ronke, and my process for interpreting her involved understanding the story and working alongside the director to do a thorough character breakdown.

The first step is usually to understand the story and the entire theme before doing a thorough character breakdown. I try to understand who the character is, what her motivations are, and why and how she does what she does. More often than not, I like to talk with the director to see their vision for the character so I can work with them to bring her to life in the best way possible.

Did you face any challenges in becoming this character?

Rotimi: No, there weren’t. Ronke is a very relatable character—an average, hard-working Nigerian who is very loyal to her family and tries to do the right thing. Thankfully, I worked with a director who didn’t mind doing the work required to get what he wanted. Although that meant doing scenes over and over again, we did it.

Tell us. What is next for Sharon Rotimi?

Rotimi: Work, more work, lol. I’m also looking forward to the release of ‘The Artifact,’ a film by Tolu “Lord Tanner” Awobiyi, later this year. It’s an exciting time, and I’m eager to see other opportunities come my way.

Other cast members of ‘Son of the Soil’ include Iretiola Doyle, Sunshine Rosman, Philip Asaya, Damilola Ogunsi, Taye Arimoro, James Damilare, and Emeka Golden.

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