Trace Studios and Multichoice Studios Partner to Globalize African Content

Trace Studios and Multichoice Studios Partner to Globalize African Content

Trace Studios and Multichoice Studios have formed a powerful partnership aimed at expanding the reach of African content to global audiences. This collaboration builds upon their previous successful venture, highlighting their shared commitment to promoting African culture on a worldwide scale.

Under the newly announced finished programme distribution deal, Trace Studios will represent a select catalogue of Multichoice Studios’ content, excluding Africa, in various markets across the globe. The agreement will provide Trace Studios access to approximately 1000 hours of content from Multichoice Studios’ diverse catalogue, tailored for English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking audiences worldwide.

The partnership marks an exciting milestone for Trace Studios, reinforcing their dedication to showcasing and championing African intellectual property (IP) on a global stage. By tapping into Multichoice Studios’ repertoire of exceptional “Made in Africa” narratives and stories, both companies aim to captivate viewers across multiple languages and regions.

Olivier Laouchez, the Group CEO and Chairman of Trace, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Trace Studios is very excited about this new finished programme distribution partnership with MultiChoice. With Multichoice, we share the same ambition to take African culture to the world. Multichoice’s catalogue includes some of the best ‘Made in Africa’ narratives and stories that resonate with all.”

The partnership between Trace Studios and Multichoice Studios represents a strategic move to meet the growing demand for African content. Mauro Black, DSTV’s Director of Media Sales, emphasized the significance of such alliances in fulfilling the increasing appetite for MultiChoice’s proudly African programming. Black commented, “Keeping up with the demand for Multichoice’s content continues to grow. As Multichoice Studios, we are excited about Trace Studios being added to our global distribution network.”

Notably, this collaboration follows the successful partnership between Trace and the MultiChoice Group in 2019 when they jointly launched TRACE Gospel, a dedicated gospel channel across sub-Saharan Africa on DStv channel 332. TRACE Gospel has since become a platform for sharing music, news, worship, and interviews within the gospel genre, showcasing a diverse array of local and international gospel music.

The integration of TRACE Gospel into DStv and GOtv platforms serves as a testament to Multichoice’s commitment to providing its customers with a wide variety of exceptional local and international content. By expanding their entertainment options, the collaboration ensures that viewers can access a rich tapestry of programming that resonates with their families.

With this latest partnership between Trace Studios and Multichoice Studios, the stage is set for African content to captivate global audiences like never before. As both companies forge ahead, their collective efforts promise to further enrich the representation and appreciation of African narratives across borders, celebrating the continent’s vibrant cultural heritage.

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