Jim Iyke Sets a New Ambitious $2.5 Million Amazon Original Film

Jim Iyke Sets a New Ambitious $2.5 Million Amazon Original Film

Renowned actor and producer Jim Iyke is embarking on a new multimillion-dollar project, in which he will star as the lead actor.

The Amazon Original film budget is rumoured to exceed US$2.5 million and will be produced, in collaboration with Iyke’s 6th Sense Production, in four countries.

Known for his preference for privacy, Jim Iyke has maintained a tight lid on the project. However, sources close to the actor have spoken about his rigorous planning and recently heightened security, which has increased the curiosity of fans of the Nollywood star.

While the details of the project remain a closely guarded secret, Nollywire received information that the actor began talks with Amazon Prime Video about the project in March 2024, despite the streamer’s departure announcement earlier this year.

It has also been confirmed that the film is set to be shot across four countries, with locations set in Lagos, Nigeria, Georgia, the United States, France, and Ghana. Jim Iyke is reportedly currently in Paris on a recce for locations, which means we can expect the new movie to be announced in the coming year.

Producers David Eruotor (‘Dead Serious’) and Joy Grant-Ekong (‘One Too Many’) will join Iyke as co-producers on this project. Together, they aim to combine their expertise to create a captivating narrative with deep cultural resonance.

This project will employ more than 150 people, thus showcasing the potential of the Nigerian film industry to drive economic growth by creating job opportunities.

The movie’s lead actor, co-writer, and executive producer, Jim Iyke, reiterated this point, saying, “We’re proud to be part of an industry that creates jobs and stimulates economic growth.” He added, “This film is more than just a story; it’s an opportunity to showcase our incredible talent and make a tangible impact on the economy.”

Following Editi Effiong’s ambitious $1 million ‘The Black Book,’ this multi-million-dollar project represents a significant leap forward for the Nigerian film industry and has the potential to captivate a global audience and set new records.

The anticipation of this new and exciting project is expected to grow with time as Iyke continues to reveal more details about the project across his social media pages

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