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‘Visa on Arrival’ Season 5: Accelerate Studios Renews Series for an Exciting New Season

Accelerate Studios has announced ‘Visa on Arrival’ Season 5, marking the return of its beloved series for its highly anticipated new season. Created by the acclaimed comedian Bovi Ugboma, the new season premiered on June 14, 2024, on Accelerate TV’s YouTube channel.

‘Visa on Arrival’ continues to captivate audiences with its hilarious portrayal of a fictional Nigerian visa issuance unit, where absurdity and reality collide in the most entertaining ways. Season 5 promises to elevate the comedy and chaos, delivering even more laughs and unexpected twists to its dedicated viewers.

This season brings a special treat for fans with surprise guest appearances by celebrated stars, adding a fresh dynamic to the show and ensuring that this season is the most engaging yet.

“Our excitement for the fifth season of ‘Visa on Arrival’ is unparalleled,” shared Colette Otusheso, CEO of Accelerate Group. “Each season, the series enhances its ability to blend humour with relatable scenarios, and this year, we are pushing those boundaries even further.”

“Season 5 is packed with new surprises and more of the beloved wit and satire our audience enjoys. We are also delighted to have Imperial Blue and Aquafina as our sponsors for this season. Their support underscores the show’s unique blend of humour and relatable content, aligning perfectly with their brands’ ethos of celebrating life’s moments with joy and laughter. Their backing helps us bring together content that spreads happiness and fosters a sense of community.”

The series is renowned for its sharp humour, clever dialogue, and the hilarious situations the characters encounter. Season 5 maintains this tradition while introducing new storylines that will keep viewers hooked.

‘Visa on Arrival’ Season 5 is now available on the Accelerate TV YouTube channel. Don’t miss out on the hilarity and surprises this season has to offer.

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