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Niyi Akinmolayan and ‘Mikolo’ Cast Are Happy to End the Lack of Nollywood Family Films

Niyi Akinmolayan sits with 'Mikolo' cast Pamilerin Ayodeji and Fiyinfoluwa Asenuga to discuss his bold efforts to bring children's films back to Nigerian cinemas; based on the director's holiday visit to his aunt as a 13-year-old boy.

In the heart of the bustling Nigerian film industry, a visionary filmmaker has embarked on a mission to reshape the landscape of children’s and family cinema, reminding parents of the transformative power of experiences that awaken their children’s curiosity and ignite their sense of adventure. Niyi Akinmolayan, a name synonymous with innovation and risk-taking, has orchestrated a remarkable odyssey through his filmmaking journey, building Anthill Studios into a beacon of creativity that continues to challenge norms and captivate audiences. With his latest creation, “Mikolo,” Akinmolayan offers a rich tapestry of imagination and reality, rooted in his childhood inspirations and a commitment to pushing cinematic boundaries.

Akinmolayan’s expedition in filmmaking is marked by his audacious endeavour to elevate Nigerian cinema. Anthill Studios, under his visionary leadership, has positioned itself as a vanguard of creativity, forever dancing on the precipice of the unexpected. From their inception, Akinmolayan and his team declared themselves “curious about everything,” a motto that became the driving force behind their groundbreaking productions.

“Curious about everything” has now birthed “Mikolo,” a culmination of his cinematic voyage. Akinmolayan’s willingness to take risks, combined with Anthill’s unyielding commitment to experimentation, delivered a film that bridges the gap between Yoruba culture, enchanting storytelling, and awe-inspiring visual effects. “Mikolo” speaks directly to the heart of a fundamental truth: that inquisitiveness and exploration lay the foundation for human progress. Through the lens of magical creatures and the Irumole forest, Akinmolayan reminds us that we are all driven by the mysteries that lie beyond our understanding.

Akinmolayan and the film’s youthful stars, Pamilerin Ayodeji and Fiyinfoluwa Asenuga, shared their perspectives on the making of “Mikolo.” Akinmolayan, speaking of his decision to shoot the film in Ondo State, revealed that his childhood memories and the desire to replicate the sense of wonder he experienced played a pivotal role. He expressed his belief that children should venture beyond screens and social media, echoing the sentiment that personal encounters with the world’s mysteries hold immeasurable value.

Pamilerin Ayodeji, one of the film’s young stars, spoke about her exhilarating journey from her early acting experiences with “Kids Can Act” to landing the lead role in “Mikolo.” She emphasised the film’s uniqueness within the Nigerian cinematic landscape and the void it fills by offering local versions of magical adventures. Fiyinfoluwa Asenuga, her fellow star, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the film’s power to introduce children to enchanting narratives drawn from Yoruba culture, where curiosity becomes the key to uncovering the unknown.

“Mikolo” is more than just a cinematic creation; it is a testament to the philosophy that drives Akinmolayan and Anthill Studios. Just as Akinmolayan ventured into unknown territories in the Nigerian film industry, the film’s characters dare to step into the mystical Irumole forest, leaving the comforts of the known behind. As families prepare to embrace the holiday season, “Mikolo” beckons them to seize the opportunity to introduce their children to a world that invites them to explore, discover, and let their imaginations run wild.

Nollywire Mikolo Niyi Akinmolayan, Pamilerin Ayodeji, Fiyinfoluw Asenuga x Kayode Adeojo

In “Mikolo,” Niyi Akinmolayan has weaved a tale that is both an homage to his own inquisitive youth and a clarion call to parents and children alike. His journey with Anthill Studios, marked by a fervent pursuit of creative expression, has now come full circle. “Mikolo” is a testament to the power of curiosity and adventure and a reminder that, even in the age of screens and digital distractions, the magic of the unknown continues to shape our lives.

As “Mikolo” premieres in Nigerian cinemas on August 18, 2023, it’s not just a film that graces the silver screen but a journey that transcends generations, igniting the spark of curiosity and inspiring young adventurers to embrace the world around them. Niyi Akinmolayan’s cinematic legacy, built on courage, creativity, and an unquenchable thirst for discovery, shines brightly, illuminating a path for storytellers, dreamers, and families to follow.

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