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Seyi Akinlade of UAX Studio and Josef Adamu’s ‘Kimono Kid’ Makes Its Way to TIFF Lightbox

The Toronto International Film Festival’s (TIFF) Lightbox will host the first screening of “Kimono Kid” tomorrow.

The film marks the second collaborative feature by Seyi Akinlade and Josef Adamu, telling the story of a young man who turns to martial arts as a means to process grief and overcome self-doubt following a personal loss.

Akilade and Adamu, known for their previous short film ‘Mind Matters,’ which explored themes of mental health from a youth perspective, are enthusiastic to unveil this new project to audiences. “Kimono Kid” demonstrates their ongoing commitment to crafting stories that uplift communities and facilitate important discussions.

Director Adamu reflected that one of the most memorable aspects of making the film was witnessing young martial artists in Nigeria demonstrate their advanced skills on set. “It was truly inspiring to see up close. I’m glad we were able to provide a platform to share their talents with the world,” he remarked.

The film’s underlying message of finding inner strength to rise above life’s challenges reflects the filmmakers’ dedication to empowering and motivating viewers through their art.

TIFF is a prestigious platform, and having a Nigerian representation provides an incredible opportunity to share our work with a global audience, opening doors for further collaborations and projects. It’s a proud moment for everyone involved in the film, showcasing the talent and creativity coming out of Nigeria.

The Nigerian premiere of ‘Kimono Kid’ is set for the end of the year, but you can catch the first screening at the TIFF Lightbox on July 5, 2024.

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