Fatimah Binta Gimsay Presents First-of-its-kind Eid Drama with ‘Alli Eid Dinner’

Award-winning screenwriter and director Fatimah Binta Gimsay brings forth a unique romantic family drama, ‘Alli Eid Dinner,’ set to premiere on Africa Magic (CH 151) on March 10.

While Nollywood frequently offers Christmas rom-coms and family dramas like ‘A Naija Christmas’ and ‘Introducing The Kujus’ strategically released during the Yuletide season, stories revolving around Islamic holidays are scarce.

In an effort to fill this gap and offer a cinematic experience for Nollywood audiences during the annual Muslim celebration of Eid, also known as Sallah and Ileya, ‘Alli Eid Dinner’ emerges as a compelling narrative that transports viewers to the religious and spiritual significance of this holy season, emphasising family and love.

Co-authored by Fatimah Binta Gimsay and Owumi Ugbeye, ‘Alli Eid Dinner’ narrates a tale of love and family during the Islamic Eid celebration. As a groundbreaking narrative, the film illuminates the popular Islamic celebration, providing a glimpse into a well-celebrated festive season in Nigeria and worldwide that has rarely been depicted on screen.

Executive producer Gimsay notes, “We noticed a gap in the Eid holiday market, and we decided to fill it. ‘Alli Eid Dinner’ revolves around the Islamic celebration but promises relatability across different religions, cultures, tribes, and human dynamics.” Gimsay also hints at this being the first in a series of Eid-centered films by herself and other filmmakers.

The titular character, Amina Ali, embarks on a mission to reunite her family in the weeks following the Eid celebration. Despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges, Amina remains undeterred, driven by her role as the first daughter to bring the family together for quality time post-celebrations. However, the plot thickens as Amina discovers that each family member harbours a secret, making her mission even more challenging.

Directed by Stephanie Dadet, ‘Alli Eid Dinner’ stands as a relatable Nigerian family drama featuring recognizable characters. The film assures viewers of an enriching family time during these annual celebrations.

Wumi ‘Tuase portrays Amina, the burnt-out elder sister burdened with ensuring family unity, a role expected of a Nigerian first daughter. The cast includes Kuchi Chris, Wendy Lawal-Simpson, Abdul Tijani-Ahmed, Temilolu Fosudo, Owumi Ugbeye, and others.

‘Alli Eid Dinner’ premieres on Africa Magic Showcase on March 10th at 8 pm.

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