Nigeria’s ‘A Place Called Forward’; ‘Earth Women’ make The NGO International Film Festival’s 2022 official selection.

Nigeria’s “A Place Called Forward;” “Earth Women” make The NGO International Film Festival’s 2022 official selection.

The NGO International Film Festival (NGOIFF) has unveiled 100 films set to screen at the 2022 edition in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Selected from an unprecedented record of 2071 entries from a total of 123 countries from 1400 organisations, this year’s selection will screen at a three-day festival slated for October 19th to 21st,  2022.

The official selection will explore the festival’s theme of the year- Covid, Conflict, Climate Change; through varying and captivating storytelling styles, genres and approaches. Also in line with the festival’s mission, the official selection will feature human-centred stories that seek to address themes of social relevance along the 17 SDGs.

Among the 100 selected titles, 10 hail from Nigeria including CSR-In-Action’s docudrama ‘Earth Women’ based on the challenges of women in extractive communities, and Umanu Elijah’s short film ‘A Place Called Forward’ on the effect of toxic carbonate pollution on climate change among others. This is evident that Nigerian storytellers are beyond the entertainment outlook of Nollywood.

Presiding over the festival’s selection this year is a jury of eight members including; Christian Clark, Onome Ako, John Allan-Namu, Natalie Kyriacou, Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian, Danee Hamaza, Rania Al Jabban, and Lance Gould.

The NGO IFF is a first-of-its-kind festival that aims to collate and disseminate unique stories themed along Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The mobile festival annually brings together thousands of advocacy intervention-driven multimedia content, in a bid to bridge the gap and create an opportunity for sharing knowledge, information and discussions around humanitarian and development projects. 

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