'Inside Life': From home to prison, a true life inspired story.

‘Inside Life’: From home to prison, inspired by a true life story.

On the 31st of August, Sillo Studios held a media screening of their upcoming title ‘Inside Life’.

Directed by Tope Adebayo, one of the directors behind the 2022 box office hit King of Thieves, produced and co-written by Lanre Olorunshola and Chuks Enete after Chuks Enete read a book which was gifted to him by a friend about the story of Lanre Olorunshola and his ordeals in a correctional institution.

“Inside life is a true Nigerian story. It is about what happens everyday that will make you cry but it also has snippets of comic relief. It took six years to finally bring this movie to the public. I had worked with he director in the past and it was a great experience, so it was a no brainer to bring him on board for this. I I had never met majority of the cast before this project, but they all came through. The prison scenes were the most difficult to endure but the crew persevered because the story had to be shared. The real time condition was really an eyesore and the mosquito bites were the worst” said Chuks Enete, the film’s Producer.

Chuks Enete

The Co-writer, Lanre Olorunshola said “For years I couldn’t talk about what I experienced, or even share with siblings. I allowed time to play its own role. And one day, almost 13 years after, I decided that it was time to tell the story. I wrote a book, sharing my experience which Mr Chuks came across and took interest. Now I am happy that it will be available for the world to see, understand and share in this experience. It tells a story of life inside life, things you don’t get to see everyday but are happening. People are really going through things. You will laugh and you will feel pain”.

Lanre Olorunshola

He also added: “the government needs to clean up the prison system. In the correctional system as they call it, too many innocent people awaiting trails are locked away. 65 -70% of people in there fall under this category”.

Wole Ojo the lead character said “It’s no secret that Nigeria is in a “funny state” and this is reflected in so many aspects and this is one of it. I know men, (not to sound sexist, of course women go through wrong doings in the hands of the law) that were somewhere late at night doing a job, get into trouble with police officers and are just picked up and wrongfully incarcerated. This project gave me a window, I identified with it, I liked what it was talking about and I wanted that message to be told”.

M3A4362 1
Wole Ojo

He added that it was a breeze working on set as he is a trained actor and that working with comedians was fun.

According to Chinedu Ani Emmanuel (Nedu Wazobia), “It is everybody’s story and working with the cast was really easy because they were super talented”.

Chinedu Ani Emmanuel (Nedu Wazobia)

‘Inside Life’ is distributed by Silverbird and is set to hit cinemas on the 9th of September, 2022.

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