You cannot cure monkeys from squatting


Two errant teenage boys skip school to go and watch fight scenes at an abandoned warehouse. They are forced to confront each other in a deadly confrontation that both of them will forever regret.


Akiti is a thrilling violence gripping action drama, where the protagonist is fighting for survival and honor in an impromptu circumstance. It’s a Child versus Adult story, exploring the theme of inexperience/innocence, abuse, adulthood, violence, poverty and exploitation. It is a high energy film, with unique location, relentless action, clashing of age, brutality, rugged, raw and gritty world of street life and culture. A visceral Africa adventure in the unforgiving brutal world of cultism and gang culture set in the rustic colorful of Lagos underworld.

COMPANY PROFILE Zealet Multimedia is an integrated media solutions company with a wide array of marketing and design services. Zealet Multimedia is a media production and brand communications company. We offer quality services aimed at strategically positioning individuals and companies through well-defined brand imagery and effective digital marketing to become consumers’ preference. Zealet Multimedia commenced operations in 2009, since inception the company has delivered top notch services to clients across various sectors of the Nigerian economy. We have Collaborated with Konirewa Films and Doxa Studios to bring this beautiful piece of artwork to life.

DIRECTOR NOTE Akiti is a film that gives me the opportunity to contribute positively to my society and the world at large by showing what the effects of child abuse, drug abuse, child truancy, bullying can be. It’s a true life story that has become a norm in the society and not much has been really done about it in terms of audio visual story telling. PRODUCER STATEMENT The high rate of cultism and gang culture in the children is on the high. The menace over the years has eaten deep into the system as more children are getting initiated into different cult groups. These groups terrorize the neighborhoods and unleash mayhem in schools as they engage in supremacy battle, disrupting the fragile peace in the land. Many of these young people, especially the male gender now find themselves trapped in this social malaise without knowing how to liberate themselves. We believe that good education has got to be good entertainment. In a country where education is beginning to lose its value, we hope that this film would help sharpen our young minds and get them back on track. Using film we will touch on truancy, bullying, child abuse and shows that every action have a consequence. GENRE, LANGUAGE(S) Drama, Action, English START AND END OF PRODUCTION June, 2022 – September, 2022 EXPECTED RELEASE We’re in conversations with VODs and we’re hopeful to lockdown a release date very soon. We’ll also be doing a private screening in November/December.

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