Uche Mac-Auley, Bimbo Manuel, Others To Star In a Compelling Biopic, "My Name Is Misan"

Uche Mac-Auley, Bimbo Manuel, Others To Star In a Compelling Biopic, “My Name Is Misan”

Uche Mac-Auley, Bimbo Manuel, Joke Silva, Jasmine Fakunle, Nifemi Lawal, Paul Adams, Efe Orhorha, and some of Nollywood’s fine actors are set to star in a compelling biopic, ‘My Name Is Misan’.

The movie is being produced by Judith Audu for Judith Audu Productions, directed by Uyoyou Adia, and co-ordinated by Chino Obasi a brand strategist and director of photography David Wyte. The screenplay was written by Ifeoma Emo-Onerhime, while Misan Udogie is the Executive Producer of the movie, author of her memoir Being my name Orighomisan, and founder of The Orighomisan Foundation aimed at encouraging people not to give up when passing through challenging times.

Uyoyou Adia - Nollywire
Uyoyou Adia – Director

The biopic is a true-life account that explores the topical issues of marital abuse, domestic violence, and its far-reaching impact on the psychological and mental health of women and children alike. It also touches on the importance of family support system during such challenges and the role of traditional beliefs and worships in our society as well as the need for social welfare support.

The movie follows the story of what led to a catastrophe in a once beautiful family setting of Martin and Misan Udogie and the collapse of a highly sought after Nigerian publication, BottomLINE Newsletters.

‘My Name is Misan’, is the story of a young lady, Orighomisan who met her heartthrob in the university (UNIBEN) a dashing and brilliant young man, a first-class candidate and the romance led to marriage and later, a beautiful family with two children, a girl and a boy.

This beautiful ideal close knit upper middle-class family who dined out every weekend at some of the best restaurants and were also members of prestigious clubs in Lagos were to be fraternally dislocated by a seemingly minor accusation which festered into a monster that will eventually consume the family. According to the producers, the movie is bound to raise a lot of social discourse especially on the ignorance of extreme case of bipolar disorders, traditional family beliefs, set cultural ways, and religious worship.

Misan Udogie, a chartered accounting professional and banker is the Executive Producer of the movie. She authored her memoir, Being my name Orighomisan, and has founded The Orighomisan Foundation, which was born out of triumphing through her adversity Speaking on the movie, she noted that it captures her life’s experience including her period of adversity.

“Orighomisan means my head is good and I think that was the name that spoke for me through adversity. The adverse times put a lot of strain on me but it also gave me experiences that enabled me to overcome even though in my own way, I was able to come through the adverse times. That’s why I’m sharing my story in form of a movie.

“The strength and intensity of my story made me decide to put it into a movie. It was actually a pet project. I wanted to do a 30 minutes video, but upon contracting a brand strategist and a movie producer, my story became bigger than me. The story is now being adapted into the big screen,” she said.

The cast and crew will be hitting location soon, the movie will be shot in Lagos and Edo State.

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