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Bisola Aiyeola: Why I Turn Down Movie Roles, Even When The Pay is Great

In a deliberate shift, Bisola Aiyeola, celebrated as one of Nollywood’s most versatile actresses, continues to navigate her career with heightened intentionality, a decision shaped by her responsibilities as a mother.

Speaking exclusively to Nollywire during the New Showmax launch party, coinciding with the premiere of Showmax’s latest romcom ‘Dead Serious’ directed by Moses Inwang, Aiyeola shared insights into her evolving approach to the roles and projects she undertakes. Grateful for the ongoing praise from Nollywood audiences, she reflected on her journey, emphasising the years of dedication and passion she invested in the industry.

Despite recent acclaim, Bisola Aiyeola acknowledged that her path is ongoing, fueled by a desire to continually improve. “I’m not there yet. I will keep being hungry,” she declared with enthusiasm.

The accomplished actress, known for her roles in films like ‘This Lady Called Life,’ ‘Sugar Rush,’ ‘Introducing the Kujus,’ ‘A Simple Lie,’ ‘Breaded Life,’ and ‘Dinner at My Place,’ has been making conscious choices in alignment with her commitment to nurturing her growing daughter. Aware of the potential impact of her onscreen roles on her child, Aiyeola, also a reality TV host, expressed the need for careful consideration when selecting projects.

“I have a child in her growing phase. The roles I accept can influence her positively or negatively. Considering she interacts with children whose parents have different professions, I must be cautious about the projects I take on. It’s not just about my image now; it’s also about my child’s,” Aiyeola explained.

A recurring question now guides her decision-making process: “Will this project affect my child in the long run?” While acknowledging her versatility to tackle any role, Aiyeola emphasized the importance of being deliberate in handpicking projects, making compromises, and sacrifices for the sake of her well-being and that of her child.

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