Bush Doctor Studios Announces 'Wrong Door,' Coming on September 3

Bush Doctor Studios Announces ‘Wrong Door,’ Coming on September 3


From the creative mind of Nigerian-American filmmaker Jude Egwu emerges the 22-minute short film “Wrong Door.” Serving as Egwu’s debut Nigerian film, “Wrong Door” is a compelling drama/thriller poised to serve as his cinematic calling card. The film is set to make its premiere on the Yoruba Pro YouTube channel on Friday, September 3, 2023.

“Wrong Door” delves into the lives of two close siblings, Moses and Jennifer, who have weathered significant hardships. Their lives are about to take a harrowing turn when a gang enforcer, mistakenly targeting their address, knocks on their door. The film features a stellar cast, including popular actors Adebimpe Oyebade Adedimeji, Rykardo Agbor, and Akinola Akano (known for “Flatus” and “Stab”), alongside Oyinlola Opeyemi (notable for “Efiwe”), Ada Okonne, Daniel Adeshina, and Jennifer Abiola.

Wrong Door Poster

Inspired by a real-life tragedy in Brooklyn, New York, “Wrong Door” draws from the chilling incident of a woman who, upon hearing a knock on her door, peered through a peephole smeared with Vaseline, only to be tragically shot in the head by a masked assassin. Subsequently, it was revealed that the assassin had mistakenly targeted the wrong person at the wrong address, with the intended victim residing just a few doors down.

Jude Egwu assumes multiple roles in the creation of “Wrong Door,” as he serves as its writer, director, and producer. Collaborating with him in the co-director’s chair is the legendary Yoruba movie director Wale Ilebiyi. The film’s co-production credits go to TAMPAN Governor Dele Ayobiojo and Ada Okonne.

Jude Egwu expressed his gratitude, stating, “The realisation of ‘Wrong Door’ was made possible through the invaluable guidance and unwavering support of the legendary filmmaker Wale Ilebiyi, who mentored and stood by me throughout the entire production process, from pre-production to post-production.”

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