Adeoluwa Owu Nollywood Director to Watch in 2024

Adeoluwa Owu: Nollywood Director to Watch in 2024

Adeoluwa Owu, better known as Captain Degzy, has been quietly making waves in the Nigerian film industry since 2020. However, 2023 was the year that firmly placed him on the radar as a director worth keeping an eye on. As 2024 continues to unfold, Nollywire caught up with him to get a glimpse of what the future holds.

Captain Degzy’s journey through the film landscape has been steady, with each passing year adding a new layer to his storytelling prowess. The reason to anticipate his work in 2024 lies in the notable achievements he chalked up in 2023.

His filmmaking ventures as a cinematographer and director, including ‘Shanty Town,’ ‘The Griot,’ ‘Adire,’ and the record-breaking ‘A Tribe Called Judah,’ showcased his ability to connect with audiences. The latter, earning more than ₦1 billion at the box office within twenty days of its release, marked a significant milestone in Nollywood.

‘Adire,’ Owu’s contribution to FilmOne Studios’ first independent original now streaming on Netflix, received praise for its relatable storytelling, earning a solid 7.3 (as at the time of this writing) audience rating on Nollywire. It’s this kind of work that positions him as a director to watch without the need for excessive promotion.

In a candid chat with Nollywire, Captain Degzy shed light on his plans for 2024. ‘Adire’ continues to find its audience on Netflix, and he teased about upcoming projects like ‘Asiri Ade’ and ‘What No One Knows.’

‘Asiri Ade,’ a collaboration with Papaya Studios, is set to take audiences on a journey into a period drama featuring notable talents. ‘What No One Knows,’ directed by Captain Degzy, explores the dynamics of lifelong relationships and has already gained recognition at film festivals.

Looking ahead, Captain Degzy expressed his eagerness for the challenges of 2024. With projects like ‘The Godmother’ series and various directorial gigs on the horizon, he seems poised for another productive year.

The director shared, “I think last year was a foot in the door as a reputable director and producer, and this year, the real work begins. The goal is always to be better than the previous work. I would like to make a film beyond the Nollywood borders, that is, have some international collaboration either from production companies, featuring international actors, or even filming some part of a feature or series outside the country to give it a different vibe.”

As we continue into 2024, Adeoluwa Owu stands as a director, quietly building his legacy. His achievements in 2023 offer a glimpse into what’s possible when storytelling takes centre stage, making him a director worth following in the new year.

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