‘Beyond The Veil’ Season 2 Official Trailer Unveiled

'Beyond The Veil' Season 2 Official Trailer Unveiled - Nollywire

London, United Kingdom. Naila Media is excited to unveil the official trailer for the highly anticipated second season of ‘Beyond The Veil.’ Continuing its exploration of the lives of five resilient Northern Nigerian women, the new season delves into the intricacies of modern existence, from career pursuits and friendships to romances and cultural dynamics. ‘Beyond […]

‘Casa de Novia:’ Anee Icha Fears Becoming Typecast For Playing Her Role Too Well

Anee Icha in Uyoyou Adia's 'Casa de Novia' © Anthill Studios - Nollywire.jpg-5

Niyi Akimolayan’s Anthill Studios is known for consistently pushing the boundaries of storytelling with visual effects (VFX) and computer-generated imagery (CGI) techniques, and ‘Casa de Novia’ is no exception. Produced by Victoria Akunjubi and directed by Uyoyou Adia, the movie, which was recently released for streaming on Prime Video, has been described as the studio’s […]

Moses Babatope Opens Up On Next Venture, Leaving Filmhouse Group After 12 Years

Moses Babatope on His Next Venture, Addresses Filmhouse Group Exit - Nollywire

Moses Babatope, the co-founder of Filmhouse Group and former Managing Director of FilmOne, has opened up about his next venture. In an official statement made available to Nollywire, he also addressed his exit from Filmhouse Group for the first time. For his next move, the film executive is launching his own media and entertainment company, […]

Drama Thriller ‘We Are Good People’ Wraps at Magic Media Studios & Nne Studios

Drama Thriller 'We Are Good People' Wraps at Magic Media Studios & NNE Studios

Following a sold-out screening event in November 2023, Magic Media Studios and Nne Studios have completed shooting their first slate of 2024, ‘We Are Good People’. Written by Myde Glover, known for his role in the Netflix movie ‘Strangers’, ‘We Are Good People’ is a drama thriller that explores the darker side of friendship when […]

‘Strong:’ Sophie Alakija, Chris Okagbue Return for ‘Drawing Strength’ Sequel

'Strong' Movie: Sophie Alakija, Chris Okagbue Return for 'Drawing Strength' Sequel

‘Strong,’ the sequel to the 2019 acclaimed film ‘Drawing Strength’ by Dimbo Atiya, has officially begun principal photography, with Sophie Alakija and Chris Okagbue reprising their roles. See the first-look images below. ‘Strong’ follows the journey of Lami (played by Sophie Alakija) and Sota (portrayed by Chris Okagbue), a couple deeply in love but entangled […]

Bukky Wright Returns to Nollywood: ‘Red Circle’ Cast Revealed

Bukky Wright Returns to Nollywood- ‘Red Circle’ Cast Revealed

In a seismic announcement that has sent shockwaves through the Nigerian film industry, legendary actress Bukky Wright has officially joined the cast of Rixel Studio’s upcoming blockbuster, ‘Red Circle.’ This marks her triumphant return to our screens after a well-deserved hiatus, and fans couldn’t be more ecstatic. Rixel Studios, helmed by Nora Awolowo, has pulled […]

‘The Suyis:’ Castle Crew Productions’ Comedy-Drama Series is Now Showing

'The Suyis' Castle Crew Productions' Comedy-Drama Series is Now Showing

Castle Crew Productions has announced the premiere of ‘The Suyis,’ a comic series that promises to ignite conversations about family, diversity, and belonging. Premiering on the Castle Crew TV YouTube channel, the series offers a refreshing take on the complexities of familial relationships against the backdrop of Nigerian ethnic diversity. Created by Idris Akinsuyi, ‘The […]

Is ‘League of Orishas’ Dead? Niyi Akinmolayan Speaks on Series’ Epic Return

Is 'League of Orishas' Dead? Niyi Akinmolayan Speaks on Series' Epic Return

Speculations have been rife about the fate of Anthill Studios’ groundbreaking series, ‘League of Orishas.’ Amidst whispers of its demise, the series finds its voice again, with Niyi Akinmolayan, the visionary behind the studio, breaking the silence on the matter. Anthill Studios, renowned for its daring storytelling, unleashed ‘League of Orishas’ upon the world in […]

Insights from ‘Half Heaven:’ Carista Asonganyi on Cameroon’s First Film in Nigerian Cinemas

Insights from 'Half Heaven-' Carista Asonganyi on Cameroon's Debut in Nigerian Cinemas - Nollywire

In June 2023, the Cameroonian film ‘Half Heaven,’ executive produced by Carista Asonganyi, made its debut in Nigerian cinemas, courtesy of a strategic partnership with FilmOne Entertainment, the Nigerian distribution powerhouse. This innovative collaboration not only marked a significant milestone but also underscored the potential of cross-border film distribution within Africa. Asonganyi aptly puts it, […]

Tobi Bakre Stars in ‘Farmer’s Bride’: FilmOne Studios’ Latest Original Production

Tobi Bakre Stars in 'Farmer's Bride'- FilmOne Studios' Latest Original Production

Tobi Bakre is set to grace the screens again in FilmOne Studio’s eagerly awaited second original production, “Farmer’s Bride,” helmed by directors Adebayo Tijani and Jack’enneth Opukeme. Following his successful transition into Nollywood, Bakre quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in action-packed blockbusters like ‘Brotherhood,’ ‘Gangs of Lagos,’ and the recent […]

Inside ‘Casa de Novia,’ Anthill Studios’ Most Ambitious Project Yet, Directed By Uyoyou Adia

Inside 'Casa de Novia,' Anthill Studios' Most Ambitious Project Yet, Directed By Uyoyou Adia

Nigerian director Uyoyou Adia and leading Nollywood production company Anthill Studios are gearing up for the release of their groundbreaking project, ‘Casa de Novia,’ on Prime Video on March 29, 2024. Anthill Studios, under Adia’s creative direction, anticipates that ‘Casa de Novia’ will redefine storytelling, injecting a fresh perspective into the romantic comedy genre. Adia, […]

Fatimah Binta Gimsay Presents First-of-its-kind Eid Drama with ‘Alli Eid Dinner’


Award-winning screenwriter and director Fatimah Binta Gimsay brings forth a unique romantic family drama, ‘Alli Eid Dinner,’ set to premiere on Africa Magic (CH 151) on March 10. While Nollywood frequently offers Christmas rom-coms and family dramas like ‘A Naija Christmas’ and ‘Introducing The Kujus’ strategically released during the Yuletide season, stories revolving around Islamic […]

Niyi Akinmolayan Leaps into Uncharted Territories with ‘Rainmakers,’ Now Streaming on Prime Video

Niyi Akinmolayan Leaps into Uncharted Territories with 'Rainmakers,' Now Streaming on Prime Video

In an unprecedented cinematic venture, acclaimed filmmaker Niyi Akinmolayan invites audiences to embark on a thought-provoking journey through three Nigerian states with his latest documentary, ‘Rainmakers.’ Currently streaming on Prime Video, the documentary delves into the enigmatic claims of rainmakers who boast the ability to control rain at will, pushing the boundaries of experimental filmmaking. […]

Anthill Studios’ March Epic Film Lineup: ‘Rainmakers,’ ‘Beast of Two Worlds,’ and ‘Casa De Novia’

Anthill Studios' March Epic Film Lineup- 'Rainmakers,' 'Beast of Two Worlds,' and 'Casa De Novia'

Nigerian filmmaker Niyi Akinmolayan, alongside his production company Anthill Studios, is set to push the boundaries of their influence in Nollywood by unveiling three projects this March. With their current documentary feature, ‘Rainmaker,’ Akinmolayan pushes the experimental approach to filmmaking that established Anthill to a new frontier. The documentary, available on Prime Video, goes to […]

‘Ebuka Turns Up Africa’ is Set to Launch on March 1 on Prime Video

'Ebuka Turns Up Africa' is Set to Launch on March 1 on Prime Video

Nigerian sensation Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is set to dazzle audiences in the highly anticipated 4-part series, ‘Ebuka Turns Up Africa.’ The captivating African Original travel-reality series is exclusively launching on Prime Video on March 1. In “Ebuka Turns Up Africa,” viewers will be treated to a thrilling showcase of camaraderie and adventure as Ebuka, joined by […]

Biodun Stephen to Direct ‘Muri & Ko’ with Star Bisola Aiyeola: Latest from Inkblot Productions

Biodun Stephen to Direct 'Muri & Ko' with Star Bisola Aiyeola- Latest from Inkblot Productions

Inkblot Productions is gearing up for their 2024 lineup, with acclaimed director Biodun Stephen at the helm of ‘Muri & Ko.’ While the studio remains tight-lipped about plot details and release plans, this marks the second female-directed project in Inkblot’s 2024 slate, following Zulumoke Oyibo’s directorial debut, ‘The Betrayed.’ ‘The Betrayed’ recently wrapped production, and […]

Inkblot Productions Opens 2024 Slate with Two Exciting Films

Inkblot Productions Opens 2024 Slate with Two Exciting Films - Nollywire

Nigeria’s beloved film studio, Inkblot Productions, is gearing up for an exciting 2024 with the announcement of two new movies in the works at various stages of production. Known for hits like ‘The Wedding Party’ and ‘Up North,’ the studio has confirmed ‘The Betrayed’ and ‘Muri & Ko’ as the newest additions to their expanding […]