"Far From Home": Cast Roundtable with  Bolanle Ninalowo,  Gbubemi Ejeye and Mike Afolarin

“Far From Home”: Cast Roundtable with  Bolanle Ninalowo,  Gbubemi Ejeye and Mike Afolarin

Quick introduction

Bolanle: My name is Bolanle Ninalowo, I play Oga Rambo in Far From Home..

Gbubemi: My name is Gbubemi Ejeye, I play Adufe in Far From Home.

Mike: My name is Mike Afolarin, and I play Ishaya  in Far From Home


At what point did you merge with your character?

Bolanle: Well, for me I think from day one because there were a lot of processes and procedures before the actual shoot, so we had gotten to even know each other a bit and interact. And, most of my delivery was dependent on emotions from the other actors, so they were actually responsible for my level of madness or coolness. It was very interactive.

Mike: Connection with the character is going to come because you’re in costume, makeup, and all set. Plus, it’s difficult to not be in character when you have this guy staring at you in a room and it’s about to punch you in the face.(referring to ‘Oga Rambo’). That just got me right into it.

Gbubemi: It’s work, so you meet your character and then you are on set. You’re just meant to deliver and it just works. It gels.


What would you say to someone who just saw episode one? 

Bolanle: I think if you’ve just seen episode one you really haven’t seen anything. It’s a project with a whole world of craziness that you’re about to experience.


If you were not playing your character, what other character would you love to explore?

Bolanle: With ‘Far From Home’, I wouldn’t play any other character.

Mike: I don’t think there is, I feel like where Ishaya and I have been, there’s no other person or no other character on that show that would have taken me to where I am right now. I would play Ishaya like 10 times over.

Gbubemi: Same, I love Adufe. Looking at other characters, there are things I love about other characters, but I would still pick Adufe anyday.


What is the favourite thing from your character?

Gbubemi: I love how strong she is, she goes through different phases both emotionally and physically but she pulls through.

Mike: I love that Ishaya doesn’t care and like he kind of cares so much and then just doesn’t care (laughs). Doesn’t care about how he really looks, you know. What he really cares about is his dream and what he wants to achieve with himself and his art, and that’s all that matters to him.

Would you call him selfish at some certain point?

Mike: No, I wouldn’t say he was selfish. I would say he was focused and was a go-getter.

(Playfully) Some people had to suffer, but that’s by the way, the focus is the focus.


What should people anticipate more in the coming episodes?

Bolanle: You just need to sit down. Don’t get up from that seat.

Mike: Expect gbas gbos because if you watch episode one and like it, you’ll definitely want to see more and I can assure you that there’s more of that madness that you experienced in episode one.


Can you share a back story to Oga Rambo’s character?

Bolanle: Oga Rambo is always one hundred. For me the ‘Rambo’ character is just a guy that I feel just always wants to be intimidating. He never wants anybody to see him break at any point or at ease. That for me is as crazy as it is. Could he have been a facade? Did he have a heart? Maybe when you see it you’ll know, something must break a man right? So let’s see what could have broken Rambo.


Pick one between ‘Angel’ and money.

Bolanle: Angel


Ishaya, we see the connection between you and your sister as opposed to some decisions which directly puts her in harm’s way, can his actions be justified?

Mike: Ishaya can’t justify everything that he did or every decision that he made. In his head he’s like “it’s for the greater good, don’t worry when I get what I need to get out, I’ll sort her out”. Basically, that’s his thought process. He’s a good guy and I can assure you that he means well.


Would you say Adufe was waiting for a moment to end the relationship?

Gbubemi: She really loved him, she’s a lover.

Mike: Well she didn’t  fight for the relationship.

Gbubemi: Did you give her any space to fight? There was no room to fight.

Mike: You could have fought for it, but you didn’t. Hey, if you wanted to, you could have.

Gbubemi: We don’t stay where we are not wanted. He didn’t want her anymore, so why would she stay where she is not wanted?


Adufe, is it money or love?.

Gbubemi: Money.

All laugh

Mike: See why she didn’t  fight?

Gbubemi: It was love initially, but then we know that love at the end of the day… Uh, nothing.


How was the journey on this project?

Bolanle: It was a process, it was an amazing process. I mean, the production house is amazing as store clerks. And then there’s Netflix, which provides everything and beyond everything you need. Looking at what you have seen, that should tell you how the production went in terms of how the actors were treated, in terms of the resources. I mean, we lacked absolutely nothing. The directors were amazing. Everything about it was good.


What message would you like the audience to take home? 

Gbubemi: I would say love yourself. No matter how much you love people, love yourself. Respect yourself first.

Mike: Ishaya would say focus on your focus. That’s basically what he would do and I think yeah believe in yourself enough to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. So invest in yourself and go for it.

Bolanle: For me, I just want people to be entertained, you know, learn one or two things. It’s a life altering story, very emotional. It’s got family, love despite all the craziness, it’s still a family film. There’s a lot of social situations and issues that were touched upon and I think people will learn a lot from it.


Thank you very much.

Bolanle: So would you like to meet my angel?


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