Ajala The Traveler- New Captivating Documentary Unveils the Incredible Journeys of Africa's First World Traveler

Ajala The Traveler: New Captivating Documentary Unveils the Incredible Journeys of Africa’s First World Traveler

Renowned filmmaker and lawyer, Ayo Shonaiya, is set to take audiences on an awe-inspiring journey with his upcoming documentary series titled “Ajala The Traveler.” This groundbreaking production unveils the remarkable adventures of Olabisi Ajala, Africa’s first world traveler, who traversed 87 countries between 1957 and 1962, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

“Ajala The Traveler,” directed by Ayo Shonaiya and co-produced by Shonaiya and Olabisi Ajala Jr, delves into the extraordinary life of Olabisi Ajala. The Yoruba man from Nigeria defied the norms of his time by embarking on an audacious global expedition aboard a humble scooter. The documentary explores his encounters across North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, where he unintentionally became an ambassador, meeting heads of state, presidents, and prime ministers along the way. His enthralling journey and subsequent book, “An African Abroad,” have made him a legend.

In addition to his travels, Olabisi Ajala was also a renowned Hollywood actor, starring alongside icons such as Robert Mitchum and former US President Ronald Reagan. As a show promoter, he paved the way for Nigerian artists to perform in Europe, leaving a lasting impact on the African music scene.

“Ajala The Traveler” not only tells the fascinating story of Olabisi Ajala but also follows the journey of his last son, Olabisi Ajala Jr, as he embarks on a quest to meet his global siblings for the first time. This heartwarming documentary captures Olabisi Ajala Jr’s dream of organising a momentous “family reunion” and showcases the emotional and enlightening experiences he encounters during his worldwide journey.

Narrated by Olabisi Ajala Jr, the documentary interweaves exclusive footage, interviews with those who knew Olabisi Ajala intimately, and rare, unpublished photographs and family films. “Ajala The Traveler” takes audiences on an inspirational and exhilarating voyage through time, uncovering the birth and legacy of the legendary name “Ajala.” This true African story of global proportions symbolizes the spirit of travel and exploration, inspiring generations to come.

Production for “Ajala The Traveler” is scheduled to commence in September 2023. The documentary is a collaborative effort by R70, Opulence Mind LLC, Kola Tubosun, and Abby Ogunsanya. With Ayo Shonaiya at the helm, whose previous work includes the critically acclaimed Netflix documentary “Afrobeats: The Backstory,” audiences eagerly await the release of “Ajala The Traveler” and the extraordinary tale it promises to unfold.

As the world prepares to be captivated by the life of Olabisi Ajala, this forthcoming documentary guarantees an immersive and unforgettable experience, shining a spotlight on a man whose name has become synonymous with travel in Nigeria and beyond.

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