Meroestream’s ‘Ticket to Life’ screens to highflying reviews, set to hit cinemas on September 23

Meroestream’s ‘Ticket to Life’ screens to highflying reviews, set to hit cinemas on September 23


Ticket to Life, a Meroestream and Nubian Productions film has scored its debut outing ahead of its theatrical release set for September 23, 2022.

The drama directed by Geshin Salvador recently screened in Lagos, Nigeria and was rated a must-watch by press and film industry influencers in attendance.

Speaking at the exclusive screening in Lagos, Nigeria, Geshin Salvador revealed how making a film about the crushing realities of ordinary Nigerians inspired his directorial vision for the film.

“I wanted to effectively capture the gut-wrenching travails experienced by humans in overcoming their life demons,” Salvador told members of the press in a Q&A session following the screening. “The film had to be set in a world that was true to the story without pictures of wealth or affluence.”

Written by Miskeen Anav from a story by Tomisin Ayoade, Ticket to Life follows a young woman’s quest for greener pastures that uncovers a haunting secret. She must make a deal with an archenemy to preserve her only means of survival against another enemy.

“We wanted to explore how people shy from what should be a part of normal life experiences, and the juxtaposition of classes when people’s needs intersect,” said Olayinka Quadri, the film’s co-Executive Producer.

Olayinka Quadri
Olayinka Quadri, co-Executive Producer.

“In the past three decades, I have watched Nollywood and felt we are better than most of our outputs. About a year ago, I decided I would be part of the solution and not sit on the fence anymore. This led to Meroestream and our partnership with Nubian Productions to produce scripted TV and feature films.

“We set out to source great stories, and pull together talented people to paint the film. I feel we hit the spot on those points with Ticket to Life.”

The drama produced by Eugene Enogwe features an ensemble cast including Sambasa Nzeribe (AMVCA Slow Country), Linda Osifo (Tanwa Savage), Debby Emokpaire (Clinic Matters), Tina Mba (The Set Up) and Christian Ochiagha.

Ticket to Life debuts in cinemas nationwide from September 23, 2022.

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