'Big Book of Lies- Book One—Unbrided' Series Premieres on Accelerate TV's YouTube Channel.

‘Big Book of Lies: Book One—Unbrided’ Series Premieres on Accelerate TV’s YouTube Channel.

Accelerate Studios is set to release their new series, ‘Big Books of Lies: Book One—Unbrided,’ on their YouTube channel on February 23, 2024. This decision was based on the success of the series on Accelerate Plus, the company’s Premier subscription video-on-demand platform. Prepare yourself for the thrills of the chaotic journey of a bridal shower and wedding that take a dramatic turn.

The story follows the Nigerian queen of blogs, Agnes Icha, played by Debby Frankson, whose bridal shower becomes the epicentre for revealing secrets and lies from the past. The night takes unexpected turns when Agnes’ blog, ‘A-GRADE TEA,’ is hacked, exposing bizarre private moments with her Agnes’ fiancé. Friends gather to turn the bridal shower into an intervention, each harbouring hidden motives.

Created and produced by Xavier Ighorodje, ‘Big Books of Lies: Book One—Unbrided’ promises
to unravel truths and present an authentic African story for a global audience.

Colette Otusheso, Accelerate Chief Executive Officer, expressed delight, stating, “We are thrilled to present ‘Big Books of Lies: Book One—Unbrided’ on our YouTube channel. This series explores realistic nostalgic romance and relationships turned sour, reflecting a series of love entanglements.”

As you dive into the drama, you will be hooked with questions—how did the night turn into a full-blown girl fight? Who has a man in the trunk of her car? Did the marriage eventually take place? The answers await you on “Big Books of Lies.”

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