'Wura-' Inside Scarlet Gomez's Rigorous Auditions for Wura Adeleke

‘Wura:’ Inside Scarlet Gomez’s Rigorous Auditions for Wura Adeleke

Scarlet Gomez opens up about the demanding auditions that paved her way to portraying Wura Adeleke in the acclaimed Showmax series 'Wura.' Gain exclusive insights into the behind-the-scenes challenges, triumphs, and the transformative impact of this career-defining role in Nollywood.

Scarlet Gomez, the captivating lead actress who embodied the character of Wura Adeleke in the acclaimed Showmax telenovela ‘Wura,’ nearly missed the opportunity to play the titular role. Her journey to securing the part was a tale of perseverance, talent, and a touch of serendipity.

In an exclusive interview with Nollywire, Gomez candidly shared the intricate details of her casting process, revealing the unexpected challenges she faced. Despite attending six auditions and going above and beyond by collaborating with designers to create a wardrobe that seamlessly matched the character, doubts crept in, and she feared losing the coveted role.

Gomez emphasised the importance of talent and dedication in the industry, dispelling the notion that connections are the sole gatekeepers to success. “I always tell people that when an actor is on a good and big project, they don’t often need to know someone—a director or producer—before he or she gets cast. Getting cast for ‘Wura’ justified this for me; I didn’t know anybody affiliated with the show.”

Gomez disclosed that she received an unexpected invitation for a closed audition from Rogers Ofime, the show’s producer. Anticipating a small gathering, she was taken aback by the sea of renowned actors and actresses present. The pressure intensified as she pondered what she could offer that distinguished her from these seasoned veterans.

Scarlet Gomez Almost Gave Up

Undeterred, Gomez tackled each audition with unwavering commitment, going so far as to dress the part for every round. She collaborated with her tailor and make-up artist to ensure she embodied the essence of Wura Adeleke in every aspect. The process was rigorous, with seven auditions in total, but Gomez’s dedication and attention to detail ultimately paid off.

The road to becoming a household name in Nollywood is fraught with emotional highs and lows, a fact not lost on Scarlet Gomez. Her resilience and determination, coupled with unwavering support from her husband, played pivotal roles in her journey. She recounted a heartbreaking moment after the sixth audition when she received a disheartening message from the casting team, prompting tears and a momentary contemplation of giving up.

Gomez recalled a pivotal moment when she received a call from Rogers Ofime, the show’s producer. The unexpected call almost went unanswered, a decision that could have altered her trajectory. “The next time I got Mr. Roger’s call, I almost didn’t pick up. But my husband encouraged me to. I did another audition after this call and got the role.”

Wura Adeleke’s Impact

The significance of the role was not lost on Gomez, who shared her initial realisation that she would be portraying a 45-year-old character. The character complexities, ranging from a loving wife and protective mother to an intelligent businesswoman and sinister villain, showcased Gomez’s versatility, earning her a nomination in the 9th Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for Best Actress in a Drama/TV Series alongside established peers.

Reflecting on the impact of ‘Wura’ on her career, Gomez acknowledged the show’s transformative effect. Before the telenovela, she had been involved in various projects, including “Flatmates” and platforms like Iroko TV and IbakaTV. However, it was “Wura” that catapulted her into the mainstream spotlight.

“While working on these projects, I was praying for that mainstream project that would place me out there and tell everybody, ‘Look at me; I know my onions.’ That was what ‘Wura’ did for me. Now, the show has put me in the spotlight more than I was before. People are taking me and my craft seriously. Due to my role in ‘Wura,’ there is now the belief that I can handle other lead roles.” The risk taken by Showmax to place her at the forefront paid off, garnering her newfound recognition and a shift in perception within the industry.

In addressing the common assumption that onscreen performances often reflect personal traits, Gomez clarified that, unlike her character, she is not a real-life killer. However, she identified with Wura’s goal-driven and ambitious nature, traits she shares in her personal life. As Scarlet Gomez, she finds harmony with Wura Adeleke, especially in moments where ambitious business moves and deals come into play.

The months-long shooting of the series, set outside Lagos, further deepened the bonds among the cast and crew. Gomez fondly recounted the camaraderie that flourished in the absence of distractions, emphasising the significance of building friendships. One particular bond that stood out for her was with her on-screen son, Iremide Adeoye, whom she described as a vital part of her life.

In conclusion, Scarlet Gomez’s journey from auditions to becoming the face of ‘Wura’ exemplifies the tenacity and commitment required to succeed in the dynamic world of Nollywood. Her transformative role not only solidified her standing in the industry but also underscored the importance of resilience, passion, and a bit of luck in the pursuit of one’s dreams.

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