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‘Beyond The Veil’ Season 2 Official Trailer Unveiled

London, United Kingdom. Naila Media is excited to unveil the official trailer for the highly anticipated second season of ‘Beyond The Veil.’ Continuing its exploration of the lives of five resilient Northern Nigerian women, the new season delves into the intricacies of modern existence, from career pursuits and friendships to romances and cultural dynamics. ‘Beyond The Veil’ Season 2 is set to premiere exclusively on Prime Video on June 7th, 2024.

The series is currently available for streaming on Prime Video. Since its debut in 2023, the first season has garnered widespread acclaim, significantly amplifying the representation of Northern Nigerian culture on the global stage. Data from Prime Video and Flix Patrol reveals that it has spent 169 days in the Top 10 in 18 countries, captivating audiences with its authentic storytelling and compelling characters.

Director and showrunner Nadine Ibrahim shares her inspiration behind the series: “‘Beyond The Veil’ seeks to portray Northern Nigerian women in a liberating light. It offers a fresh narrative while confronting their realities, from polygamy to cultural constraints. Reflective of our modern society, it challenges norms and pushes boundaries, aiming to showcase bold, empowered, and authentic Northern Nigerian women, enriching our storytelling landscape. I am immensely proud of our work and hopeful for its global resonance.”

In Season 2, viewers witness Na’ima’s journey towards healing following a traumatic car accident, supported by her friends Baddriyah and Hanifa. Alongside societal and familial resistance to her relationship with Matthew due to their differing backgrounds, she confronts numerous challenges.

Baddriyah, renowned as “Baddie” on social media, grapples with an abusive marriage while upholding her public image. Unexpected solace comes from Bilqis, her ‘rival’ and the first wife of her husband, Sadiq.

Hanifa, pregnant and facing financial strain due to her husband Ahmadu’s business setbacks, persists despite medical warnings. Supported by her younger sister, Afrah, she explores her creative talents while managing her household.

Following Bappa’s passing, Zizi resigns as the Minister’s aide and seeks career advancement. Encountering Tarik, a newly transferred police officer, sparks undeniable chemistry, complicating her professional life. Zizi also navigates Kassim’s attempts to reconnect and familial pressure from Maryam’s family to set a wedding date.

As these women confront ongoing challenges and pivotal moments, they navigate growth and difficult choices, bravely stepping into the unknown despite the spectre of loss. ‘Beyond The Veil’ offers a poignant narrative that delves beyond the surface of womanhood.

Story Created by Nadine Ibrahim and Sifa Asani Gowon

Director: Nadine Ibrahim

Writers: Sifa Asani Gowon, Brenda Garuba Ogbuka

Executive Producers: Nadine Ibrahim, Bilal Ibrahim, Nabil Zeitoun, Fareed Zeitoun, and Ishaya Bako

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