The New Showmax 2.0- African Streaming Revolution, Data-Saving Mode, and Exclusive Content

The New Showmax 2.0: African Streaming Revolution, Data-Saving Mode, and Exclusive Content

Nigerian cinema continues to undergo a digital revolution, with streaming platforms spearheading the charge to make films and series more accessible on a global scale. While giants like Netflix and Prime Video have been trailblazers in this digital era worldwide, Showmax is emerging as the dominant force in Africa.

Multichoice, the African entertainment powerhouse with decades of experience and investments in bringing entertainment to households across the continent, has entered the streaming business. In 2015, DStv, a satellite service owned by Multichoice, launched the mobile version of its service as Showmax. Initially designed to make DStv content available on mobile devices, Showmax has evolved into a comprehensive streaming service comparable to other major platforms, offering TV shows, reality TV, documentaries, and movies exclusively to African audiences.

In a significant move, Showmax announced its relaunch, Showmax 2.0, in January 2024. This revamp aimed to align the streaming platform with a new direction, including a diverse range of shows and movies for subscribers. Showmax 2.0 was unveiled in February, coinciding with the premiere of the recently acquired romantic comedy ‘Dead Serious,’ directed by Moses Inwang, featuring internet sensation Sabinus, aka Mr. Funny, and Sharon Ooja as lead casts.

Dr. Busola Tejumola, MultiChoice’s Head of Content and West Africa Channels, emphasised in a brief interview with Nollywire the significance of the content they curate for their customers. With a robust lineup of content in February, Showmax is poised to offer quality screen time to its subscribers. Tejumola reiterated their commitment to making content easily accessible to customers, streamlining subscription processes, and connecting customers with the best content.

Showmax has also expanded its international content offerings through its partnership with NBCUniversal. This collaboration promises an additional lineup of compelling content in the near future. Tejumola asserted, “People follow the content, and our role here is to provide them with premium content. No one tells African stories like we do.”

Beyond a revamped logo and app design, The new Showmax stands out by introducing a 40MB data-saving mode. This feature ensures efficient data consumption, allowing users to stream for 24 hours with just 1GB of data. In essence, the new Showmax app prioritises a more data-friendly model compared to its predecessor.

Showmax 2.0 has officially arrived, featuring exciting new content on the platform, including ‘Cheta M,’ ‘Flawsome’ season 2, ‘The Counsellor,’ ‘Dead Serious,’ ‘Freemen,’ and ‘Sadau Sisters.’

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