Netflix presents a slate of exciting African titles to come in 2022-2023

Netflix presents a slate of exciting African titles to come in 2022-2023

Netflix hosted See What’s Next Africa on August 2, 2022. There, Netflix presented a slate of exciting African titles to come in 2022-2023

Netflix showcased its increased investment in Africa’s rich heritage of storytelling through exciting new projects that span a diverse range of genres and formats that will be available in 190 countries. 

During the first half of 2022, Netflix in Africa released a slate of content from the sub-Saharan Africa region across multiple genres includingYoung, Famous & African, Silverton Siege, Savage Beauty, Senzo: Murder Of A Soccer Star, Netflix’s first Kenyan licensed branded series Country Queen, Nigeria’s first Netflix-owned series Blood Sisters and most recently, Justice Served .

The response has been astounding with several of these titles landing on the Netflix weekly Global Top 10 lists which rank  global and country lists for the most popular titles on our service, in addition to the Top 10 daily product rows on Netflix. 

“We believe that Africa is one of the major creative centres for great storytelling that resonates around the world so it only makes sense for us to increase our investment with our slate with an even more exciting slate. We’re proud to continue creating global opportunities for the talented creatives of this great continent and sharing their authentic stories with our members in Africa and around the world.” said Dorothy Ghettuba, Netflix Director of Series in Africa.

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to creating sustainable relationships with  African storytellers, Netflix announced a multi-project partnership with acclaimed South African filmmaker Mandlakayise Walter Dube.

Under the partnership, Mandla – who directed Netflix’s first commissioned African film Silverton Siege (and Kalushi) – will direct a variety of Netflix-owned projects which will be shared in due course. This partnership joins other multi-title agreements between the company and African creatives including Mo Abudu (and Ebonylife StudioS) and Kunle Afolayan (and KAP).

At the event, Netflix also gave a glimpse into the progress of the various projects being created by emerging filmmakers from the various initiatives the company introduced in the past year which include, the UNESCO & Netflix ‘African folktales, Reimagined’ Competition; the Netflix & NFVF Film Fund and the Realness Institute Episodic Lab

Tendeka Matatu, Director of Local Language Films in Africa said, “We are working with top talent and filmmakers as well as exciting emerging voices from the continent. We are thrilled to expand our partnerships with Africa’s talented storytellers. With an ever-growing slate of series, movies and licensed content across a rich variety of best-in-class content across genres, we want to give our members more moments to share the joy that comes from being immersed in great stories made in Africa, to be watched by the world.”

At the event, Netflix previewed a diverse range of best-in-class exciting African content through exclusive promo reels and images. These include: Ludik (ZA), The Brave Ones (ZA), Kings of Queenstown (ZA), Elesin Oba, The King’s Horseman (NG) and Anikulapo (NG).

Netflix has also invested in a wide variety of licensed films and series that will make their debuts on Netflix this year. These include:

  • Office Invasion (ZA, 10 August): Three friends believe their lives can’t get any worse after the mining company they work for is taken over by the owner’s degenerate son. That is, until the mine is targeted by a monstrous band of aliens looking to plunder the mine and exterminate all of its staff. A Sci-fi comedy feature directed by Gareth Crocker and Fred Wolmarans

  • Lockdown (NG, 5 August): A couple attempt a high-risk, high-stakes jewellery heist at a department store. 

  • The Razz Guy (NG, 12 August): While preparing for an important business deal, an arrogant executive loses control of his voice after being cursed by an office cleaner.

  • Wild is The Wind (ZA, 28 October): In a small racially segregated town, a corrupt cop struggles to take responsibility for his part in the wrongful arrest of a black teenager charged for the brutal murder of a young Afrikaans girl. Crime drama directed by Fabian Medea and stars Mothusi Magano.

  • Disconnect 2  (KE, December): The sequel of a well-loved story about a  self-centred Otis who falls victim to a wedding scam, months after volunteering to organise a destination wedding for his Nigerian investor buddy, who will arrive with the wedding party in two days, so he desperately enlists the help of a reluctant TK and friends. Produced and directed by David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga who will also have two more stories, a film Nairobi Half Life and a series Volume launching on the service in due course (dates to be confirmed at a later date).

To further delight fans of Nigerian stories, Netflix is bringing back 31 fan-favourite films from Nigeria which will be launched every day throughout the month of August.

The films making their return to the service include The Ghost and the Tout, Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons, Elevator Baby, The Set Up, Love Is War, Sugar Rush, Up North, Nimbe, Merry Men 2: Another Mission, Coming from Insanity, The Vendor, The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai, Lara and the Beat, Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, 4th Republic, Lagos Real Fake Life, Anchor Baby, Light in the Dark, It’s Her Day, Hire a Woman, Alakada Reloaded, Nigerian Prince, Black Rose, Moms at War, The Delivery Boy, New Money, Seven and a half dates, The Millions, Last Flight to Abuja, Couple of Days and Payday.

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