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‘The Betrayed:’ Zulumoke Oyibo Directs Her First Film Starring Uche Montana for Inkblot Productions

Renowned ‘Charge and Bail’ writer Zulumoke Oyibo has marked her directorial debut with Inkblot Productions’ latest venture in 2024, ‘The Departed.’ As a key figure in the studio, having previously served as a producer on various successful projects, Oyibo now steps into the director’s role for the first time.

The co-founder of Inkblot Productions, alongside Damola Ademola and Chinaza Onuzo, Oyibo boasts a notable production record, including the 2018 blockbuster ‘Up North,’ starring Nigerian entertainment mogul Banky W. While her production credits include ‘Day of Destiny,’ ‘Quam’s Money,’ ‘The Perfect Arrangement,’ and ‘Palava,’ ‘The Departed’ marks her inaugural venture into directing a feature film.

Although specific details about the plot of ‘The Departed’ remain under wraps, Oyibo leads an ensemble cast featuring Uche Montana, Gabriel Afolayan, and Ibrahim Suleiman. The lineup also includes Adunni Ade, Jemima Osunde, Vine Olugu, and Stephanie Zibili, showcasing Oyibo’s collaborative efforts in bringing the narrative to life.

This directorial move adds to the collective achievements of the Inkblot trio, with Chinaza Onuzo directing ‘Who’s The Boss?’ in 2020 and Damola Ademola making his directorial debut with ‘A Weekend To Forget’ in 2023. Both films achieved substantial box office success, grossing ₦38 million and ₦50 million, respectively.

While the release dates for Inkblot’s 2024 projects remain undisclosed, they have teased ‘Muri & Ko,’ another anticipated production directed by a female director.

Despite venturing into new territory as a director, Zulumoke Oyibo brings her seasoned experience from the film set, supported by her partners Onuzo and Ademola, ensuring a collaborative effort to guide her through this exciting directorial journey.

Here are some BTS Images from the set of Zulumoke Oyibo’s ‘The Betrayed’
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