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‘Aburo:’ Toni Tones Reveal Insights into FilmOne Studios’ Sport Drama

Toni Tones, known for her gripping performance as Goldie in ‘Brotherhood,’ returns to the silver screen with ‘Aburo,’ the latest offering from FilmOne Studios.

In this exclusive interview with Nollywire at the premiere, Tones shares details about her character, Aida, a compassionate doctor deeply rooted in her community. She sheds light on the movie’s storyline, her collaboration with young talents Maleek Sanni and Darasimi Nadi, and more.

Expressing her excitement about the swift release of the film, Tones commends the efficient production team for bringing ‘Aburo’ to audiences shortly after filming wrapped. She emphasises the importance of timely releases in the industry, urging other producers to follow suit.

Describing her character, Aida, Tones highlights the character’s altruistic nature, emphasising the importance of community care and support. She teases the audience with hints of the intricate narrative that binds the characters together, promising a compelling and heartwarming story.

Tones also shares her delightful experience working with Sanni and Nadi, praising their talent and camaraderie on set. Despite the challenges of shooting outdoors, she fondly recalls the joyous atmosphere that prevailed throughout the production.

‘Aburo’ joins FilmOne Studios’s impressive lineup for 2024, alongside titles like ‘Farmer’s Bride’ and ‘Alagbede.’ Distributed by FilmOne Entertainment, the film follows the journey of a young boy named Aburo, torn between loyalty and ambition, as he catches the attention of Mide, played by Efa Iwara, a former athlete.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Lagos, the movie features a stellar cast including Efa Iwara, Maleek Sanni, Darasimi Nnadi, Charles Inojie, Wunmi Toriola, Peju Ogunmola, Yemi Cregx, and Gbemi Akinlade.

‘Aburo’ is currently showing in cinemas nationwide.

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