'Ukulo Iyi' Susan Echa Shines in Abiodun Odu's Compelling Tale of Resilience and Sibling Love

‘Ukulo Iyi:’ Susan Echa Shines in Abiodun Odu’s Compelling Tale of Resilience and Sibling Love

Take One Productions proudly announces the release of their short film, ‘Ukulo Iyi (My Hustle),’ a heartbreaking narrative written and directed by Abiodun Odu, with production helmed by Heavens Obule and Susan Echa.

“Ukulo Iyi (My Hustle)” delves into the poignant portrayal of a struggling family navigating life without parental guidance. The storyline revolves around the resilience of the children left to fend for themselves. The eldest, burdened with immense responsibility, faces the stark realities of survival and resorts to unconventional means to make ends meet.

Abiodun Odu’s direction, coupled with the production prowess of Heavens Obule and Susan Echa, unveils the depths of societal challenges, providing an unfiltered glimpse into the lives of those often overlooked. ‘Ukulo Iyi’ promises a thought-provoking viewing experience, shedding light on the human spirit’s resilience and exploring the intricate definition of family bonds.

Lead actress Susan Echa, who plays a pivotal role in the film, shared her insights during Take One Productions’ Night of Shorts in March 2023. When asked by Nollywire about the theme of love among siblings in ‘Ukulo Iyi,’ Susan expressed, “See, you know, love can come in different forms. Sometimes, there’s tough love that you have to give to your family. Sometimes, you don’t want this love. Truthfully, just like our parents try to be there for us and try to caution us about what we do, we feel they are getting in our space.”

Reflecting on the best way to show love among siblings, Susan emphasised, “The best way to show love to your siblings is to be there for them, support them, encourage them, and draw their ears if you have to.”

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